Below are links to other genetics websites you may find useful, as well as some other websites that may be of interest, many of which are run by close friends. Make sure to check them out!


Genetics of Coat Color and Type in Dogs
A fantastic resource run by dog and cattle geneticist Dr. Sheila M. Schmutz.

Animal Genetics, by Sue Ann Bowling
A very in-depth selection of articles about animal genetics with a focus on dogs, although sadly not updated recently.

Canine Colour Genetics Links
A list of links to breed-specific genetics resources.

Other Dog Related Websites

Wicked Coursing
Supplier of lure coursing equipment.

The Jolly Collie Pet Spa
Grooming services, run by a friend in CA.

Rockstar Shelties
Sheltie kennel, run by a friend in FL.

Dog Radical
UK-based dog behaviourist.


Ink Dog Art
Beautiful digital and traditional artist based in TX.

Genuine Art
Pencil artist based in Canada.

Lunaca Art and Illustration
Illustrator specialising in cats.

DreamEyce Studio
Dog jewellery by a friend in TX.


Matthew Modget Films
UK-based photographer producing vintage wedding videos on Super 8 film.

Gadabout Photography
Dog photographer based in CA.