Test Your Knowledge

Your time starts . . . now!

Section 1: Translate the Genotype

"Translate" the following genotypes by working out what a dog with that genotype would look like. They start off easy, with just a few locii to work with, then they start to get harder!

1. bb/dd

2. MM/Bb

3. Hh/mm/sisi

4. Ayat/bb/dD

5. atat/Eme/Mm/dd

6. awat/BB/DD/ee/gg/hh/KBkbr/mm/spsp/Tt

Section 2: Predict the Litter

Using Punnet squares (just jot them down on a piece of paper if you like), work out the possible genotypes of the puppies produced from the following breedings.

1. Bb X bb

2. MM X Mm

3. Bb/Mm X bb/MM

4. AyAy/Bb/Mm X aa/Bb/Mm

5. kbrky/AyAy/Bb/Mm X kykbr/aa/Bb/Mm

6. kbrky/AyAy/Bb/Mm/sisi X kykbr/aa/Bb/Mm/siS

For Extra Marks

Work out what all those puppies would look like!

Section 3: Work out the Genotype

Work out the genotype of the dogs below using the format A locus/B locus/D locus/E locus/K locus/M locus/S locus/T locus. You can miss out the I, G and H locii. If it's impossible to tell which gene the dog has, or if it doesn't matter what it is (e.g. if a dog has a copy of K, it doesn't matter if it's Kk or Kbr), just put a dash (-).


. . . Hang on, you thought I was going to give you the answers?