Two different types of pigment
An introduction to eumelanin and phaeomelanin

Black and recessive black
The K and A series

Oddities *New*
Somatic mutations, vitiligo and other weirdness

Basic genetics terms
Genes, locii etc

The B series

Nose colours
From black to pink and everything inbetween

Punnet squares and a big Labrador case study

Dilution (blue and isabella)
The D series

Eye colours
Brown, amber and blue

Summary of series
List of genes for reference

Agouti, sable, tan points and saddles
The A series

The longhaired gene and hairless dogs

Notes on Mutation etc *New*
Some more advanced notes on mutation,
selective breeding and evolution

The K series

Colour term list
Including body part diagram

Masks and recessive red
The E series

Great Danes
In-depth breeding case study

Red intensity and albino
The I and C series

Breed overviews *New*
Tables showing an overview of the colour genes in each breed

Progressive greying
The G series

Health problems related to colour genes
Double merle problems and CDA

The M series

Test your knowledge
A short genetics quiz!

Double merle
The M series

A few links to useful sites

Merle modifiers (harlequin and tweed)
The H series

About me
Including contact info

White spotting
The S series

Ticking and roaning
The T series

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