Vintage Pet Photos

I have been collecting original vintage photos of pets, mostly dogs, for over 10 years. My collection spans 1860-1970, with the majority being from the "golden age" of picture postcards (1900-1920) and mostly from the UK, France or Germany (although I have items from all over the world). I have a smaller number of cabinet cards/CDVs and snapshots.

In the late 1800s and early 1900s it was very fashionable to have your photo taken with your dog. Much of this fashion was due to royals (such as Queen Victoria and King Edward VII), who were often photographed or painted with their favourite dogs. The breeds commonly seen in photos were also affected by the royal family - Queen Victoria was responsible for the popularity of the Rough Collie and Edward VII's faithful Fox Terrier "Caesar", who took part in his funeral procession, caused possibly one of the first breed fads.

Photo postcards are a fantastic resource for historians and I feel it's a shame that so many are held in private collections, unable to be enjoyed by the public. As a result of this I have started a Facebook page and a gallery for my collection. The gallery provides an archive of some of my photos, but make sure to follow on Facebook for new pictures every day.

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The pictures in the gallery and on my Facebook page are fine to share on forums etc online so long as you provide a link back to show where they've come from. If you would like to use the photos for anything else (e.g. on your own website or in print) then please contact me first, as the copyright laws concerning old photos can be complicated and vary between countries.